EUO Examination Under Oath

These ebooks listed below show you how to deal with an EUO Examination Under Oath. Authored by semi retired California public adjuster Ron Cercone, 15 years working for insurance companies, 25 years WORKING AGAINST insurance companies representing the insured only.

The Deluxe 71 page eBook provides plenty of legal authority you will need when going up against an insurer’s attorney. It will help prepare you for a Examination Under Oath when the insurer’s attorney contests things like your choice of location for the EUO, your right to have your public adjuster or other representative present, your right to audio or video tape record the Examination Under Oath, your right to a copy of the transcript and your right to be examined in a non adversarial manner. An EUO should NOT be conducted in an adversarial manner like a deposition. If your lawyer disagrees with this after reading my ebook, you will be throwing your money away on that lawyer.

This eBook is in terms that both the professional and average person can understand. This document includes a sample 25 page abusive EUO excerpt, abusive EUO Demand and “Document Production” letter, a sample response letter and additional legal research items shown in the Appendix Table of Contents.

This book is full of Ron’s best proven ideas and techniques to help keep you out of trouble in a EUO.

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Showing all 3 results