Assorted insurance policy forms and endorsements list below in alphabetical and descending price order. So the lower-priced endorsements will be after the alphabetical list of policies.

They were collected by Ron Cercone from being insured by and over 15 years of working for insurance companies and 25 years WORKING AGAINST insurance companies, representing the insured only.

They can be used as a quick reference if your policy is not readily available after an insurance claim. They can also be used for comparison purposes when shopping for insurance. Most insurance companies will not provide you with a copy of their policy prior to purchasing.

NOTE – You could have a brand new home or car with a 40 year old policy edition. ON THE OTHER HAND, you could have a 40 year old home or car with a brand new policy edition. The same is true for endorsements.

Until you get a “Certified” copy of your policy from your agent or adjuster, which could take weeks or months, these uncertified copies below are better than nothing. If you ask your agent or adjuster for a copy of your policy, 99.9% of the time they will only offer you one sheet of paper, a “Declarations” page, which only shows policy limits and endorsement numbers.

If you ask your agent or adjuster for a certified copy of your policy, they will go silent, then ask “what do you need that for”? That should be your first clue about how the cow eats the cabbage.

Just one word or phrase in a policy or endorsement can add $1,000 or $1,000,000 to your claim!

How to QUICKLY get a certified copy of your policy is explained in Ron’s eBooks.

Again, lower priced endorsements are listed alphabetically at the bottom of the page.

NOTE – most insurance companies have hundreds of endorsements ranging in length from a couple of sentences to a couple of pages. The endorsements below are just a few of the more common ones. You must look at each endorsement number listed on your declarations page. Just one endorsement could have a golden nugget!

If you are looking for policy forms and endorsements  that are not listed below or wish to contribute one, send an email to Ron at info@insuranceclaimebooks.com

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Showing 1–12 of 70 results