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Insurance Claim eBooks – Hello world!

Welcome to Insurance Claim Ebooks. These are the same ebooks that are displayed on the Product page at  as of November 2020, however these eBooks are readable on more devices and operating systems including PC Windows, Mac, Android phones, IPhone, Ipad, tablets etc.

Look at the “You are the Enemy” document on the Free Stuff page at to see a small sample of the quality of information you will get in these eBooks by Ron Cercone.     YOU … are … their enemy. Empower yourself with knowledge.

Do you already have a public adjuster and wonder if he or she is doing their job? Or just sitting back, taking whatever the insurance company offers and collecting their percentage of your settlement? If so, then use my ebooks as a guide to see if your public adjuster is really fighting for you.

Do you want to learn the lucrative profession of public adjusting? Do you want a steady income tied to the wealthiest industry in the world, the insurance industry, an industry that you never hear about asking for a government bailout during a recession? If your answer is yes, then these insurance claim ebooks are YOUR BIBLE.

Are you a public adjuster already? Are you in competition with local public adjusters who are not really inclined to give you the answers to your questions? Ron’s ebooks are worth their weight in gold for you. You can also keep Ron on call as a consultant with your individual questions per the Consultations page at

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